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What Are the Best linen cotton Shirts for Women?

By Summer Young

Is there a looks that is more classic than a white button-down shirt? An ideal option for March or April days, for any occasions, a “creative” job interviews, your ten-day vacation to Crete, your 3 a.m. visit to the bodega — it’s actually harder to think of a place where you can’t wear a white button-down shirt than to name all of the places you can. But like other deceptively simple classics,there are a bunch of options out there. We asked 14 stylish women about their favorites, and they recommend a variety, including short-sleeve linen, oversized Oxford, moisture-wicking, and more styles — a smattering of which come from the men’s (or boys’) section, so we recommend consulting those brands’ size charts to help you find the right fit. Below,

we find out some shirts exactly comfortable you happy and quiet time spend at home.

Buttoned V-neck Tunic

Comfortable embroidered blouse

Asymmetrical Buttoned Blouse

Simple/Plus Size V-neck Cotton and Linen Dress

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